Roof Project

Roof Fundraising Project

It has come to the attention of the Building & Maintenance team that we have three roofs in need of replacement. The team presented comparing quotes to the Board, the Board recommends that we move forward with the replacement of these roofs. The Board proposes that we do this as one event, but in two phases. There are two flat roofs; the first extending from the south double doors of the main hallway to the north entrance and the gym including bathrooms and all offices. The second roof includes the east main entrance to the boardroom and bathrooms. These two roofs need immediate attention. The expected cost to replace these two roofs will be about $56,000. This will be a Torch-On roof.

The second phase will be to replace the existing cement shingles on the sanctuary roof. These are original tiles from 1967 and are very heavy. The roof is bowing due to the weight of these tiles but isn’t a safety concern. The tiles would be replaced with asphalt shingles costing about $35,000. The total of the two projects is $91,000. Please note that all these quotes were submitted in the spring of 2016.

At the Fall Business Meeting, those present approved to begin fundraising $120,000 as a goal for all three roofs. The price will have gone up by the time we have money in place. This is a large amount of money to raise, however, we do need to maintain our building. Once we reach 30% of the $55,000 about $16,000, we can start on the replacement of the two flat roofs.

We are asking those that attend First Baptist Church and consider it to be their church to help raise these funds. If 240 people gave $500 above their regular giving, the funds would be raised. The Board believes this is possible and achievable as God moves and changes his church for a new season of leadership. If you would like to give toward the roof project you can by designating “Roof Project” on your envelope during our Sunday morning service. Or you can give online through Canada Helps. Below you can connect directly to Canada Helps and give designating funds to the “Other” category and making a note that the funds go to the “Roof Project”.

Tax receipts are given for both donation types. If you donate online Canada Helps will email your tax receipt directly to you.

Thank you, The Board